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Luxury development in Belgium

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City : Knokke-Heist
Living area : 7136
Bedroom(s) : N/A
Property type : Apartment
Region : N/A
Price : 48,000,000.00
Delivery date : 7 January 2017

We are offering a unique opportunity to own an entire street over a land of  7136 m2 with construction permit delivered, only 300 Meters away from the beach

Located in Knokke - Belgium this development will be composed of 10 detached villas on a private land.  This is a strategic location, within walking distance :


the beach




new golf courses and tennis courts.  

Admired as a retreat and safe haven for the jet set. A symbol of status that expresses achievement and elegance. Once- in-a-lifetime opportunity.

There are 2 options available :

1. Land and development project including the 10 Villas 48.000.000 Euros

2. Land only 7.136 m2 at 1.850 euro/m2 = 13.201.600 Euros



Knokke, the “Monaco of the North Sea”, is the most luxurious seaside resort of the Belgian coast. With just 100 km to Europe’s capital, Brussels, it is especially attractive for the diplomatic corps based in Europe. 

A unique opportunity to acquire an entire new street with 10 magnificent detached villas in the style of London’s well-known millionaires’ row, The Bishop’s Avenue. 

The project is designed in the distinctive spirit of London's "The Bishops Avenue". The architecture of the villas, inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement, includes Palladian columns and an Observatory Tower. Styling guidance was also taken from Cherry Tree Lane in the Mary Poppins film. 

The result, is "pure English style grafted onto a coastal setting".

The ten villas have plots between: 544 m2 - 693 m2 

Ground floor 225 m2 + two upper floors, giving a total living space of up to 400 m2.


The upper floors can be customized and designed to the buyer's taste. 

10 luxury detached villas

Knokke is the most North-Eastern sea-side resort of the Belgian coast. It lies close to the Dutch border and is separated from the Dutch territory by the 'Zwin', a beautiful and extremely interesting natural reserve. Nowadays, Knokke is considered to be the most exclusive beach city in Belgium, primarily because of  'Knokke-Zoute', an area of splendid villas where the Belgian jet-set feels at home. The beginnings of Knokke where, however, very humble. Legend has it that a group of Irish pilgrims, monks and villains settled in the area between the 6th and the 9th century. One of them, the monk Guthago, lived a pious life and died in the village mentioned as 'Cnoc'. How much of this is true is not known.

Fact is that Knokke came into existence because of the construction of dikes that were meant to protect the area around the 'Zwin' sea-arm. In 1640 the settlement had a population of about 200 people. At the time of the creation of the independent kingdom of Belgium in 1830 Knokke was still predominantly rural area consisting of a  few hamlets.  Already then, the place started to attract artists, a lot of them painters (such as James Ensor, Alfred Verwee and others). The artists rented a small miller's cottage and founded there the 'Cercle des Artistes' in 1880. At the beginning of the 20th century, Knokke rapidly changed into an rather select sea-side resort when the first hotels were built.

Today, Knokke consists of a group of  communities that are all grouped in the administrative community 'Knokke-Heist'.The most important parts are : Heist, Knokke with the Albertstrand (Albert's beach) and the more aristocratic Zoute.




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