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Paris apartment with view Eiffel Tower!

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Program Name :Allure
City : Paris
Zip code : 75017
Living area : From 21 to 125 SqMt
Bedroom(s) : N/A
Deposit Notary : 5%
Property type : Apartment
Region : Ile de France
Price : 270,000.00
Delivery date : 30 March 2018

"Allure" offers apartments whose height offers breathtaking views over Paris. Dinner at Montmartre lighting at night or waking up facing the Eiffel Tower becomes possible. In order to take full advantage of the exceptional presence of lush greenery in central Paris, the interiors have been conceived and designed to allow natural light to penetrate through the living rooms. You will enjoy generous terraces and balconies with stunning views of sky line, park or in some cases Eiffel tower or Sacré Coeur. The spacious rooms will give a feeling of space and modernity.

Ideal to live in or to invest.

 For more information about the wide scope of this project, the whole area being under development, you can check the official website from the city hall:

Batignolle Project

Slender and overlooking a park, "Allure" is a tribute to the New York architecture. Designed as a stylish diamond inscribed in a triangular parcel, the building is a nod to the iconic Flatiron Building. The building unfolds in ample facades in warm, golden colors. Brick with champagne colored ornaments and greige stone, symbol of the prestigious buildings of the nineteenth century, "Allure" revisits the architectural landscape of Manhattan.

The original balconies, and full withdrawals, animates and adds a contemporary realization. The use of glass and aluminum gives the residence a distinct architectural style. "Allure" offers apartments from studios to 5-room duplexes and townhouses that seem to flourish along the park, like escaped from a nearby village. In the heart of island, a green leisure space, with trees to the majestic antlers, offers benches conducive to strolling and exchanges.

The tranquility of the inner garden and the green roofs of the building are emerging as an echo lush Park Martin Luther King.

Property type available :

Type of property Living areas in SqMt Price from in €
Studio 21 m² 270 000 € up to 329 000 €
One bedroom T2 From 41 m² to 47 m² 389 000 € up to 495 000 €
Two bedrooms T3 From 62 m² to 72 m² 540 000 € up to 774 000 €
Three bedrooms T4 From 83 m² to 118 m² 739 000 € up to 1 467 000 €
Four bedrooms T5 From 109 m² to 125 m² 1 420 000 € up to 1 699 000 €



The Batignolles site, one of the largest areas of Paris to be urbanized in the 17th arrondissement, has been the subject of a considerably significant building project in terms of method. Resulting from workshops uniting urban planners, architects, landscape designers, politicians, and citizens, as well as public and private developers, these 50 hectares are built around the creation of a central park. An ambitious urban form gradually is emerging. The intention is for it to be ecologically integrated into the environment. 

A little bit of touristic information about the Batignolles :

Batignolles is a little village in the heart of the capital. The area's friendly feel makes it the perfect place to stay in the capital. A fashionable, working class district Away from downtown Paris, Batignolles lies roughly between Boulevard des Batignolles to the south and Rue Cardinet to the north, Avenue de Clichy to the east and Rue de Rome to the west.

A former village annexed by Paris, the district has managed to retain its friendly village feel. It is popular with young couples, trendy workers, and families. It is a quiet area where the city’s "bobos" (bourgeois bohemians) love to meet up. People come to eat or have a coffee in the district's many bistros and restaurants, such as L'Aubergine on Rue des Dames, where there is a family-friendly atmosphere. Batignolles has always been a working class district, inspiring many artists and other creative people. The poet Paul Verlaine spent his youth there, as did the singer Barbara. The famous painter Edouard Manet was even a member of the "Batignolles Group," an association of neighborhood artists. Last but not least, the Belgian singer Jacques Brel wrote his hit "Ne me quitte pas" there. A village within the city Far from the metro and the hubbub of Paris, the Batignolles district has retained its village feel, with its pedestrian streets, kiosks and local businesses, for example.

Residents relax in Square des Batignolles, an English-style garden with gentle hills, a grotto, a river, a waterfall, and even a miniature lake. For those who love greenery, the gigantic Clichy-Batignolles park was recently built on the site of the former Batignolles train station. It is a modern 11-acre park designed with sustainable development in mind. On the edge of the district, Batignolles cemetery is the resting place of famous artists including André Breton, Paul Verlaine, Blaise Cendrars, and Ray Ventura. Further down, on Rue de Lévis, locals do their shopping at the permanent fruit and vegetable market.

A district surrounded by metro stations The Batignolles district has relatively few central metro stations but is surrounded by several: Brochant (line 13), Place de Clichy (lines 2 and 13), and Rome (line 2). In the heart of this villagey district, you will find everything you need: grocery stores, bakeries, fresh produce stands, cafés, shops, etc.

Social demograpy : 

A large part of the inhabitants of the 17th arrondissement of Paris have the status of senior managers, officers or engineers. A 52 570 euros gross annual income is considered high. There is a majority of single people. The average age of residents is 39 years. The residents of the 17th district of Paris are mostly single with good income, rent their homes for the most part they have a high standard of living.

Metro : Porte de Clichy (Metro line 14 under construction to reach this area directly)

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